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You use a sitemap to encourage Google or other searchengines to more frequently and efficiently index yourwebsite.For overview information about Google sitemaps see:mindprod.comjglossgoogle.html#SITEMAPSFor overview information about this utility see:mindprod.comjglossgoogle.html#SITEMAPUTILITY.You use this sitemap utility because it is so quick you canuse it before every upload so that your sitemap is always100% up-to-date always ready for whenever opportunity knocksin the form of the Google spider.This approach in orders of magnitude quicker than actuallyspidering the site yourself with a tool like Xenu orGSiteCrawler. With the sitemap utility you can prepare afresh sitemap in a couple of seconds.To speed spidering and ensure the most important files getspidered frequently Google has created a system where youleave a compressed catalog of all your files on the websitefor it to find. The program creates that it to take effect you must upload the generated compressedsitemap.gz file to the root directory of your website andyou must one time register the name of the file with Googleso they will know to look for it. The file can be used byall search engines not just Google so long as they know tolook for it. It might be wise to put a link to it somewhereon your website so all the search engines could in theoryfind it without help.To use the program you must configure five files:1. sitemapconfig.properties2. files.csv3. directories.csv4. includes.csv5. excludes.csv

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    Download SiteMap For Google

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