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To begin with a formal introduction of the free short reckoning, it is important to let out the fact that it is one of the amazing tools available that assists one in managing the shared expenses. Well, here is how to get started, all one needs is to put a group of individual along with a list of expenses and entering other details like who spent how much and what for. This allows the calculation for the minimal payments required for the reconciliation of debts.

Download Short Reckoning tool if you are among:

This kind of tool finds a huge usage amongst people living up together like hostel mates, travel chaps, event organizers and amongst family members. It allows quick and immediate calculations with safe and reliable result without getting into long confusions and discussions.

To summarize the goodness of this free to download short Reckoning tool, we have compiled a list of features that it provides:

  • A good support against non-even splits.
  • A user-friendly tool enabling interfaces as calendar, on the fly column and auto complete.
  • The content is available in various languages.
  • Enables sign in with Facebook account.
  • Allows you to use even if one goes offline.
    • Short Reckonings

      How to use Free Short Reckoning tool to good effect:

      • Enter the number and names of individuals or log in via Facebook account.
      • Enter the sum money, the amount that one paid for another
      • Enlist the shortest payments and debt calculation done in the blink of an eye.
      • Go to print or sharing options as per convenience.
        • So you can immediately start a new sheet of expenses without any registration or expenditure of money. So do download Short Reckoning tool as it provides you with much needed facilities.

          Below mentioned are some startling features and advantages hooked to this tool:

          • The free Short Reckoning tool allows offline utility with a user friendly roaming feature.
          • You may have an unlimited storage by signing in with your Facebook account and select your group of folks from therein.
          • Free Short Reckoning also allows you to save content in various languages.
          • It allows advanced support for all kind of fixed amounts and weightages.

          So do avail this free to download Short Reckoning tool and make your lives easier.

Short Reckonings is a free Web tool that helps you manage shared expenses. Enter a group of people and a list of expenses indicating who paid how much for what and for whom. It calculates the fewest number of payments needed to reconcile the debts. Ideal for roommates travel buddies family members and event organisation. Light simple to use no need to register. http:shortreckonings.comIn a nustshell:- Support for non-even splits and formulas - User-friendly interface such as calendar auto-complete on-the-fly column sorting - Content can be in any language (utf8) - Print & export to Excel - Sign in with your Facebook account - Keep on working while offline.

  • Download Short Reckonings
    Download Short Reckonings

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 7
  • Views : 993
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