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The best way to control electricity flow is The Resistor Calculator

Resistor Calculator is an essential too that is worth exploring. If we look at the circuit of an LED, we can find a lot of transistors on the circuit. These transistors are used to control the amount of electricity and its flow. If we connect an LED to the electricity, it will burn the LED. All LEDs have some electricity limitations. The low or high amount of electricity can reduce LED’s life so the use of correct resistors is very important. Resistor Calculator helps to determine the correct colour code of resistor. It calculates a suitable resistor for LED circuits. This calculator is very simple to use and produce accurate results. It finds you the best resistor in E series and within displayed Renard number. Start using this tool now and find the most suitable resistors for your LEDs!

Easy to use

Resistor Calculator is very simple and easy to use. You need only a few values and Resistor Calculator will finish its job in no time. You only have to put supply voltage, LED current, LED colour with voltage drop. Also the number of LEDs and resistor precision. You will be amazed by the quick and accurate results.

Works in both ways

The important things for the correct resistor are its colour code and resistor value. Resistor calculator can calculate the colour code of a resistor based on the resistor value. It can also calculate resistor value if it is provided with the relevant colour code.

The closest resistor of the E series

Resistor Calculator calculates the given values. It will then provide you with the most suitable and closest resistor of the E series (E12, E24, E48 etc).

Program update

Resistor calculator has an automatic program update system. You will not have to look for the updates in continuous intervals. It downloads the updates as soon as those are available.

Free email support

Resistor Calculator provides free supports over the email to its users. Whenever you have any question or issue, you can get instant help.

Simple user interface

This program is not difficult to use at all. You will find the spaces to enter the required values on the main window.

Use this program and go risk-free while selecting resistors for LEDs now!

Determine the color code of a resistor and calculate resistors for LED circuits.By using this resistor calculator it is very simple to determine the color code of a resistor based on the resistor value. Of course you can also provide a color code and the program will show you the resulting resistor value.On the basis of the entered or calculated resistor value additionally the closest resistor within the E series as well as within the Renard numbers is displayed automatically.As another feature the program can calculate the required resistor value for LED circuits (single LED series connection and parallel connection) considering the supply voltage the voltage drop across the LED(s) as well as the current of the LED(s).Features of Resistor Calculator at a glance:- Calculating the color code of a resistor value.- Calculating the resistor value of a color code.- Displaying the closest resistor of the E series and Renard numbers.- Resistor calculation for LED circuits (single in series parallel).- Integrated help system.- Automatic program updates.- Multilingual (at the moment English and German).- Intuitive program interface.- Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions.- All updates for free.

  • Download Resistor Calculator
    Download Resistor Calculator

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Software Information
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