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Ever wished there was an easy way to rename files or directories quickly without having to struggle with clunky graphical interfaces RenameWand can help you with that!RenameWand is a simple command-line utility for renaming files or directories using an intuitive but powerful syntax (like regex only much easier).Perform string operations (e.g. case conversions rearrangements of substrings) arithmetic operations (e.g. on the numbers in the filename) enumerate files (e.g. by name size time or other attributes) insert timestamps and many more file and system attributes with ease!RenameWand supports pattern matching using glob patterns and wildcards * and as well as a special register capture group construct.Runs on any OS with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6+). RenameWand is free and open source software written in Java and released under the GNU GPL license (version 3).MAIN FEATURES:* Supports the common glob patterns and wildcards * and for matching filenames.* Use a special register capture group construct to capture strings of characters in the filename. * Macros are defined for a variety of file and system attributes such as file name (FN.*) file size (FS.*) file last-modified time (FT.*) current time (CT.*) system environment variables (ENV.*) and system properties (SYS.*).* A wide range of operations can be applied to registers and macros: case conversions (e.g. *.upper *.lower *.title) substring operations (e.g. myreg1:3) arithmetic operations (e.g. a(b-c)^d) enumeration operations (e.g. #FT #(myreg1+myreg2)) and more.* File rename operations are sequenced so that they are conflict-free and temporary filenames are automatically used when necessary.See for the latest version screenshots documentation and other information.

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Zach Scrivena

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Java Runtime Environment (JRE 6+)


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2015-02-05 10:18:22

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correct display of non-ASCII characters on console

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