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RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk 2.2

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RECOVER FixedFloppy Disk v2.2 is a Folder Files File level Data Recovery Utility for Hard Disk Drives and Floppy Disks. One no longer needs to recover files at sector level. If you wonder how much the not-damaged part of your file system can help you recover files this is the disk utility for you. 100% recovery is assured in many cases like 1) Bad Boot Sector on floppy 2) entire FAT damaged (if disk was most recently defragmented) 3) entire Root Folder subFolder damaged (if its raw image is available from some backup) 4) a combination of these errors such as Bad Boot Sector on floppy entirely erased Root Folder (if its raw image is available) and entirely erased FAT or 5) As in a disk reformat good Boot Sector on hdd floppy entirely erased Root Folder (if its raw image is available) and entirely erased FAT.100% recovery is possible on HDD partition in the aforementioned cases including reformat but excepting bad Boot Sector.RECOVER FixedFloppy Disk recovers files even when FAT and or folder and or Boot Sector (floppies only) is damaged. Targets surface damage in system area - including Boot Sector of floppy disk. Always works at Folder File(s) level. 100% recovery is assured even when both copies of FAT got completely damaged or disk was accidentally reformatted if it was most recently defragmented.If FAT is good FAT1 or FAT2 can be used. A good FAT copy or the least damaged FAT copy is automatically used by program.It is a DOS program. Supports FAT12 File Systems (floppies) from DOS to WIN 9898SE and FAT16 File Systems in DOS WIN 3.13.11 WIN 95 and (up to 2 GB partitions in) WIN 95-OSR2 and WIN 9898SE.If you can create folder entries for lost subfolders files you can forget about sector level file recovery for ever.Editors Choice Disk Utility.For floppies download ANALYZER for RECOVER FixedFloppy Disk V0.1 to find out if RECOVER FixedFloppy Disk V2.2 suits your needs.


RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk


Systech Software

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73 kb


From DOS 3.1 to WINDOWS 98SE. 384KB RAM


Win 3.1x,Win95,Win98,MS-DOS



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2015-02-05 04:27:36

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