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QuicKeys is a powerful macro program that allows you to create shortcuts to automate computer tasks. It takes the daily tasks that would normally take you five ... six ... twenty or more steps and turns them into simple one step shortcuts. Automatically insert commonly used blocks of text move or copy files and folders launch your favorite web sites open applications and documents plus so much more. The possibilities are endless the result is always the same: more work in less time.Using QuicKeys is easy. Just tell QuicKeys what shortcut you would like to create and then trigger that shortcut with a hot key toolbar timer specified application event or even speech command. Whether you need to create multi-step shortcuts store or retrieve text and images schedule Automator Workflows reformat text select menus run UNIX commands automate e-mail correspondence or connect to file servers you can make it happen in a snap with a QuicKeys shortcut.Even though QuicKeys requires no programming to use it still has incredible power. With QuicKeys advanced Logic & Variables you can playback complex actions whose results may differ depending on user intervention the current date or time the status of a menu item or button plus many more decision criteria. Whatever the task simple or complex QuicKeys provides the tools you need to automate your computer processes.Once you simplify your daily computer tasks with QuicKeys the benefits are obvious. Primarily youll save time. Every shortcut whether saving you 10 seconds or 10 minutes will give you back some of that most precious commodity. Accuracy is another bonus. QuicKeys shortcuts can be built to be bullet-proof performing a task thousands of times each iteration exactly like the last. With QuicKeys all the different parts of your Mac can be customized to work together the way you want. Once youve experienced this kind of power you wont want to use a Mac without it.


QuicKeys X


Startly Technologies LLC d.b.a CE Software

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Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Mac OS X



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2015-02-05 04:08:32

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QuicKeys requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. Updated for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (but still works on 10.4). Additional details available online.

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