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Protect your important dataPrivate Data Safe guarantees data protection and data safety for data files folders and program files - including data on removable data carriers and data shared and exchanged with other users. The program has all settings consolidated the settings and their consequences are transparent therefore easy to understand. With the help of Data Safe you can protect your most important secure data such as passwords access codes separate files etc. The events will be logged it shows you what has happened in your absence. The program and its data have been protected with a password and self protection.You need no special disk drives to avoid risk of loosing access your file structure remains in a condition you have defined. Private Data Safe: data is also secure from misuse due to encoding and password protection data will not be lost at a system or program crash because the original file structure remains no unauthorized access to your data no data damage for important files no unnecessary actions all important programs remain undamaged and work with protected data all important data will be secured all confidential data are invisible for another peopleMain functionality: wide choice of access rights which can be assigned to files and folders on computer hard drive password access to files and folders crypto-storehouse of the program (Data Safe) crypto-archive allows a safe transferring or transmitting of any quantity of files the program possesses a reliable self-defence authorization (password input) of program itself monitoring system audit of file operations hidden working mode Live Update service functions

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    Download Private Data Safe

Private Data Safe


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5.7 MB


P-III+, 20 Mb HDD, CD-ROM, Maus


WinXP,Windows2000,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultimate



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2015-02-05 03:49:18

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