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Currently virtually all Soccer games can be classified under two gaming styles: the first person arcade style action game or the Football Manager game. Tactical Soccer gives you a third choice. Tactical Soccer is an exciting new turn-based simulation of the soccer match.You control all 11 players at the same time. So instead of shouting at your left back to get forward you control him and can build up an attack exactly how you want. You are the coach and have real control of the team.Features: Turn-based Strategy Soccer Sim focusing on the match. Single exhibition match knock-out cup or a league tournament. Coaches can shape the abilities of their players. Success is firmly in the hands of the Coach. Handicap system. Includes: fouls offside penalties substitutions and different formations. Play against either computer Coach or another human Coach playing on the same machine. Set in a full 3D world.

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    Download PlaceforGames: Tactical Soccer

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