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Download Opera Mobile and explore a different kind of interface that has been made specifically for smart-phones and other hand held devices. The free Opera Mobile browser has set its level among the list of top ten browsers, claiming to be as one of the fastest web-browsers of now. It takes just around 2.2 seconds on average for the free Opera Mobile to open up a site (the best among all).

Hence, download Opera Mobile now and get rid of those old fashioned web browsers once in for all.

It provides zoom in and out feature:

The free Opera Mobile allows you to zoom in (till 200%) and zoom out (till 25%) with an easy method. This kind of zooming in and zooming out feature for small devices is very rare to be found. Yet, the free Opera Mobile provides you with it. Your contents on the web-pages can fit onto the screen as much as you’d want to, just like it happens on your personal computers.

You can open multiple windows simultaneously:

In case you wonder that maybe the mobile browsers don't allow multiple windows to open simultaneously, then you are wrong. The free Opera Mobile browser allows you to open multiple windows at the same time. In this way you can easily flip back and forth among your pages.

It provides security:

Download Opera Mobile to ensure the safety and security of your device. Free Opera Mobile actually supports the secured web-pages and this kind of featuring is very rare to be found. Hence, download Opera Mobile today and feel more safe and secure.

It provides a good user interface:

Download Opera Mobile so that you can navigate the web pages quite easily. It provides with an easy, yet effective interface. It gives standard featuring buttons with which you can go back to the previous page and also move forward on. It also provides refresh button from where you can refresh the site on which you’re currently.

As whole, it keeps a very good package of distinctive and helpful features like all the good browsers. Hence, download the free Opera Mobile browser now and get rid of the old fashion browsers for good.


Opera Mobile


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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 16
  • Views : 1.9k
  • File Size : 11.3 MB
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