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Google Chrome 59.0.3071 64Bit for Windows

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Google Chrome

When Google Chrome was unleashed in 2008, it quickly set the benchmark in speed. It was slick, fast and catered to users exceptionally. And nowadays with all the other competition, it is still holding its ground strong. Google Chrome download time is quick and effortless with no reboot. Although the start-up page proclaims a Google sign-up, you can easily get around that.

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Leading the way

The interface is well-balanced and easily customized and has set the tone how their competitors should look. The Omnibox has been heralded as a great tool allowing more space for the webpage. You have the option to type in the url bar and it remembers the sites in a snap. What’s more, the tabs operate independently allowing you to move quickly from one site to the other. You have the option to pull out a tab into a separate window making it very versatile.

Features Galore!

The high security features are well appreciated but there is always a problem in that all activity is routed to Google servers. The option to cover up your tracks is not freely available making it easier for web trackers to prowl on your online activity. That is one dent in the system and we look forward to seeing it addressed better in the near future, giving us more reason to download Google Chrome onto our systems – especially the standalone Google Chrome.

Bookmark Synchronization is an option which has been introduced years ago, but Google Chrome has stretched it out to include passwords, preferences, themes, etc. So all that browsing effort away from home will not be gone amiss and is something we are grateful for.

To download, or not to download Google Chrome

All in all, Google Chrome is a legend which spearheaded the inclination of its competitors updated features. Although it was a real trendsetter, the competition has stepped up yet Google Chrome is still on par with the top browsers out there. Google Chrome has not failed to innovate and show exceptional performance making it a strong tender for the top cat of browsers. And get the standalone Google Chrome in just a few clicks to make life a whole lot easier.

How to download this software?

Google Chrome is now a leader in browsers market after its huge success in last 5 years. It's still very powerful and have eye catching design. Pros: Built in flash and PDF reader. Supports thousands of extensions from google webstore. Easy to sync data on different devices. Great support for HTML5. Cons: It's bit heavy on your system and reduces battery life. It's built in safe browsing feature blocks way too many false positives. Chrome's own downloader sometimes take too much time to download it, so we are hosting a clean chrome standalone installer for you to download and install it fast.

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Google Chrome


Google Chrome

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