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Multimedia Interactive Calculator Pocket 1.1

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MIC is an ideal alternative calculator for those working with individual numeracy needs.MIC uses the same inverted keypad as the mobile phone and most other common numeric pads such as ATMs telephones and remote controls.MIC provides audio feedback when keys are pressed and differentiates between numeric operator and function key presses.MIC displays the entire sum all through the calculation.MIC uses the modern oblique () for the division rather than the older the same as mobiles and spreadsheets.MIC forces premeditation when carrying out calculations by asking for which operators to display mobiles do the same by having only one operator key or menu from which the operator is chosen.MIC offers different levels of precision remainders which are commonly used with basic skills students two decimal places for use in monetary situations and six decimal places for metric work which is sufficient to shift through two major metric units e.g. from mm to m to km.The cancel button does not obliterate the entire sum but backs up by one stage with each press.


Multimedia Interactive Calculator Pocket


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