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ibooka is a comprehensive full function online booking reservation and registration system for clubs associations and businesses but you do not pay license fees buy new computers or even know any this about the internet as ibooka will host your own personalised secure site for you free of charge.ibooka provides an internet based interface for your customers providing the convenience of booking your service across the world wide web and providing you the cost savings customer service improvements and wider reach for your business or club that you need. As we will host your ibooka site at our computer centers performing the backups and 24-7 availability for you you do not need to buy new computers be a computer expert or even know anything about websites. ibooka will tell you when there is a reservation or booking and you can view all of the management information online. However best of all you can do all this without any risk to your business. You can try ibooka right now for free and without obligation if you find that it helps your business or club then continue to use it and pay just a few pennies for each actual booking or reservation that your customers make. If you change your mind just stop using the system reset the site-live status to not-live and there are no further costs or obligations. Try out your own ibooka site now you have nothing to lose and potentially cost savings customers service improvements and new business to gain

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