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Get secure access to any website with Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Nowadays, more threats have been associated with internet usage. These threats include theft of personal information, malware and many more. Also, different countries have different policies for the internet. You may not access certain websites or online services in certain countries. The good news is that there is one solution to all these issues. Hotspot Shield Free VPN helps you to get rid of all these issues. It is so far the best internet security and privacy solution. It gives you security from online threats and protects your privacy. It also enables you to access all websites including those which have been blocked. It secures your online information and whatever you send over the internet. This includes messages, payment information, downloads and all browsing activities. It creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your device and internet gateway. Download Hotspot Shield and enjoy secure access to all websites now!

Gives access to block websites

Hotspot Shield enables you to access any website from anywhere. If a social website is blocked in a country, it can be accessed by this app. Also, if you are unable to use Facebook on work, Hotspot Shield let you bypass every surveillance.

Keep malware away from your devices

A new addition to Hotspot Shield has made it more powerful. It can now protect you from all malware attacks. You can now surf the internet without any fear.

Keep your identity hidden

The best thing about this tool is that it protects your IP address. It stops hackers from monitoring your online activities. It creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the Hotspot server. It means you can surf all websites without being tracked.

Secure your data and information

All the activities over the internet are encrypted by this tool. It means your online data like online shopping or credit card details will be secured.

Hotspot Shield Wifi security

You face more online threats when using public wifi. Thanks to its Wifi security feature which protects you from hackers at Wifi spots.

With Hotspot Shield Free VPN, secure all your online activities now!

AnchorFrees Hotspot Shield provides free and secure Internet access to the more than 1.5 billion people who live under censorship or need a secure browsing solution. Hotspot Shield protects your privacy online and lets you access the information you want - anonymously. Access blocked sites such as Facebook YouTube Twitter and Skype in countries where the Internet is censored. With Hotspot Shield you can access US sites such as Hulu or Netflix from outside the USA. Hotspot Shield also offers Wi-Fi and anti-malware protection keeping hackers from stealing your personal information while you are browsing the Internet via public internet. Browse the Internet privately and anonymously. Hotspot Shield does all of this free and without collecting any information on your personal identity. Hotspot Shield also offers an ad free Elite version at a nominal monthly or yearly fee. -Patented proprietary technology-Industrial grade high speed VPNVirtual Private Network-Unlimited bandwidth-Encrypts all traffic including Email Web IM VoIP FTP P2P on any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network

  • Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN
    Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 566
  • Views : 6.4k
  • File Size : URL
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Download Hotspot Shield Free VPN
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