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Gumboy Crazy Adventures 1.22

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Unrivalled Gameplay and Pure EntertainmentGUMBOY uses its extraordinary rubbery characteristics rolling bouncing jumping flying and floating which in connection with the simple controls brings you loads of fun. And even more when you realise that GUMBOY changes its size shape and material! It joins the game in the form of a sphere cube or star. It will be filled with rubber air or waterGUMBOY is refreshing and original fun for even the smallest of children as well as for adults. GUMBOY is absolutely for everyone regardless of age or the current game-playing experience. An innovative game based on rolling balls in various environments A game for boys and girls for small and large a game without limits with simple controls An entertaining physical simulation of the behaviour of balls On 40 complete levels with a fairy-tale atmosphere 11 training levels Skills and logical tasks Searching for hidden objects Interactive environments: objects enemies water wind rain teleports boosts sticky and slippery surfaces An original artistic depiction of 6 various worlds (a forest field cave magical world) Detailed graphics with acceleration and fascinating particle effects Fabulous light and dynamic effects Various ball shapes: sphere cube star Various ball fillings with an influence on its characteristics: rubber air water Saves games in progress and the results achieved for several players Also supports widescreen displays (16:9)


Gumboy Crazy Adventures



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44.9 MB


1GHz, 256MB RAM, 3D Graphics Card, Sound Card





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2015-02-05 11:58:54

Change Log

1.22 Major update. Now you can resize Gumboy window when you are playing windowed. Gameplay was improved. Also we fixed serveral problem with specific harware configurations. Game engine use DirectX instead OpenGL.

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 1
  • Views : 497
  • File Size : 44.9 MB
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