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Boost your business with WebGenies Guestbook Star

WebGenies Guestbook Star is a handy tool for businessmen. The feedback from customers or visitors is always very crucial for businesses. Also, online businesses are very much dependent on this feedback. This web interactivity let the internet-based businesses to determine the success. It also helps to make the policies and strategies for the upcoming challenges. Creating a guestbook is always the best way to collect the visitor’s feedback. It allows businesses to reduce efforts on collecting and managing the feedback. WebGenies Guestbook Star let you create a guestbook with ease. You can create its common gateway interface (CGI) without having any experience. This software has a simple process of creating a guestbook. Any other software for this job does not have such powerful features. It gives visitors a simple and clean area to record their feedback. Also, helps them to get registered with your website with great ease. Start getting the feedback and boost your business with WebGenies Guestbook Star now!

Create your own design

WebGenies Guestbook Star let you create a guestbook with your own fields. You can add or remove any field according to your requirements. Also, you have the option of four pre-designed guestbook templates. You can choose from professional, academic, personal and social templates.

Easy setup of notifications

Real-time checking and saving the visitor’s feedback enhance its benefits. This software let you set up a notification service. With every guestbook entry, you will be notified about visitor’s name, email and address.

Quick registration for visitors

WebGenies Guestbook Star has a feature of creating a form for visitor’s registration. You can add as many fields as you want. This form will provide visitors with a quick and simple registration process


Edit the guestbook at any time

Once you create a guestbook, you can make changes to it at any time. You can use any HTML editor to make a web form. The software will generate a guestbook from the form and you can edit it to make it more useful.

Some brilliant WebGenies Guestbook Star features

You can change the colour and title of guestbook background

Merge the user with your mailing list

An auto-generated thank you email for every feedback

Mark optional and mandatory fields

Secure visitors email addresses with hiding/Show option

Introduce innovations and make your online business attractive with WebGenies Guestbook Star now!

WebGenies Guestbook*Star lets you create a guest-book and its CGI with absolutely no programming experience. Web interactivity is the essential ingredient for a successful Internet-based business whether it is commercial academic or social. It is imperative to know your customers and visitors opinion to gauge your sites success and identify future online strategies. Creating an online guest-book gives visitors to your site a user-friendly format to provide valuable feedback at the same time reducing your efforts in collecting and recording this information. Create your own guestbook with original fields or choose from four pre-designed guestbook templates Personal Social Academic Professional. Converts an existing guestbook style form into a fully functional guestbook on your website. Every time a guestbook entry is made the program can be set to notify you with the visitors name email and address. Customizable background color title and fields. Automatically adds the user to your mailing list. Sends a personalized thank you note via email. Specifies mandatory fields. Hideshow the users email address in the guestbook (only you will get to see them). Hideshow the guestbook to the visitor Registered users have the option to use WebGenies Guestbook Server to run their guestbooks. Create a web form using one of your favourite HTML editors and convert into a guestbook or let the software create a guestbook form which you can later edit. ZDNets 5 Star award: Guestbook Star creates a form with multiple data-entry areas to let visitors to your Web site quickly and easily register

  • Download Guestbook Star
    Download Guestbook Star

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Software Information
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  • Downloads : 178
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