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Free GPU-Z is a very small size tool that allows you to collect information about your GPU and video card very easily. You can either install it directly on your computer or can use its portable version to save your time. The best part is, that it does not create un-necessary files and fill your computer registry with redundant registries. So feel free to download GPU-Z utility and make it easy to collect the required data without much efforts.

A bit more about Free GPU-Z utility:

Download GPU-Z utility as it provides you with all the information about your graphic card, let it be:

• Bandwidth

• Default clock


• Memory type

• Bus width

• Size

• BIOS versions

• Shaders

• Pixel

• Transistor

• Revision

• Release date

• Technology, and

• Texture filtrate

It also gives the detailed information about fan speed, GPU temperature, shader clocks, memory and core, used memory, RPM, VDDC and engine load. You can also enable and disable any option according to your needs very easily.

Also, the tool changes its screen time to time even when it running in the background. It gives all the information given by sensors in a plain texts which is updated by this tool at the set frequency by user. So download GPU-Z to utility get the information of your graphic cards and many more.

What’s new in free GPU-Z Utility?

• Voltage monitoring and fixing on some memory cards

• Random BIOS version when BIOS is not readable

• Prevent wrong BIOS from accessing to GPU systems

• Fixes wrong sensor readings when GPU is sleeping

• Fixes 3D clocks when no driver is installed

• Supports Direct-X 12

• Fixes Bluescreens


• Fixes disabilities of Intel GPU

• Fixes wrong fan speeds

Pros of free GPU-z:

• It gives a straight and streamline information. Its information is very straight forward and easy in its presentation that even a beginner can deal with. All you have to do is to read the information provided by sensors.

• It is very easy to install or you can use its portable version to save time.

Cones of Free GPU-Z:

• This tool is not useful for all users. Those who don’t have much understanding about the graphic card and its function, should not go for it as this can lead to any mishap.

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 19
  • Views : 1.7k
  • File Size : 1.7 MB
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