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ECMerge Pro (Solaris) 2.5

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ECMerge compares and merges local FTPS and SFTP or SCC repositories data as text images and folders. Unhandled formats can be compared byte per byte in the binary comparison view. It compares side-by-side and 3-way. It is designed to make you work with multiple revisions of text files with ease and to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync. Your files and folders can be compared to a common ancestor to provide automatic merge and verification of evolutions of your code and data.ECMerge saves automatically sessions and let you save your own named sessions to launch them again in one click or with the command line. It generates reports in Unix patch XML and HTML format for Text Images and Folder Comparisons.ECMerge is a complete solution to compare your Word files as well as merge your source code applying patches with preview or producing CSV reports. Its scripting based on JavaScript let you use its capabilities and define new commands.A shell extension is provided under Windows OS X and Linux to select items to compare and launch ECMerge. A command line is provided to merge files and generate reports from batches. A Standard version limited to side-by-side comparison exists. Runs on Windows OS X Linux&Solaris.

  • Download ECMerge Pro (Solaris)
    Download ECMerge Pro (Solaris)

ECMerge Pro (Solaris)


Ellie Computing

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7.5 MB


libgtk2.0, openssl 0.9.7, xsltproc or another XSLT processor


Solaris 10 x86



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2015-02-06 11:50:16

Change Log

Added SFTP support Cocoa OSX port Debian and RPM for Linux web updates bug fixes

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Diff, Merge, Tool, Comparison, Synchronization, Compare,

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