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Diskeeper 2010 EnterpriseServer performance software is essential for the high capacity and mission critical server. It is the only solution specifically designed to restore and maintain performance and reliability of large servers including SANs RAID arrays and NAS. Servers that must be kept on line with volumes up to 20TB and millions of fragments can only achieve peak performance 247 with Diskeeper 2010 EnterpriseServer. Now with IntelliWrite preventing most fragmentation before it happens the massive IO traffic enterprise servers must process go directly to productivity not writing fragmented files onto disk. As a result server life is extended by years energy and cooling costs are significantly cut. IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation every system suffers from. It intelligently writes contiguous files to the disk so server resources are not wasted creating fragmentation. The results A whole new level of server speed and efficiency. Diskeeper is the only defragmenter with InvisiTasking technology a real-time background processing technology that allows Diskeeper 2010 to defragment your system as fragmentation occurs even during heavy traffic times without using active system resources. InvisiTasking eliminates the need for scheduling and administrator attention.


Diskeeper 2010 EnterpriseServer


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