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CameraWare Video Sender 4.04

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Welcome to CameraWare -- your 100% FREE high-speed zoomable multi-channel Internet video solution! Send and view moving live images over the Internet to thousands of fans! All at high speed all fully zoomable and all 100% FREE! If you own a computer camera or webcam you can broadcast free and live right now!YES -- CameraWare lets you send and view high-speed live video over the Internet for free! Rewind and pause! Zoom-in! Zoom-out! Multiple camera support! Security! Theyre all right at your fingertips! Its pretty cool. Simply download the CameraWare Installer program. You will get the CameraWare Video Sender along with a trial version of the CameraWare Standalone Viewer. With CameraWare you can use your computers camera or capture card to broadcast images to viewers worldwide.People watch your video without using up your personal Internet bandwidth! Your images are sent to our high-speed server and then rebroadcast to viewers using our fast Internet connection. Every 5 minutes you get an updated report on how many people (fans) are watching you right now and how many have looked at your broadcast in the past current hour. The numbers will amaze and impress you :-) While viewing live broadcasts you can choose any camera from the pull-down list. Quickly switch back and forth between any cameras you wish. Explore the video images you see using CameraWares ZOOM features.You too can be an Internet Star with CameraWare. Its easy! All basic features are free. A CameraWare License unlocks all the features of the Video Sender - including being able to assign a secret code to your broadcast. Or broadcast prerecorded images. All standard Video For Windows-compliant cameras and capture-cards work with CameraWare. The capture cards must support live video conferencing over the Internet. Simply fantabulous. Tremendous fun. Download now!


CameraWare Video Sender



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Any VFW compliant webcam or a camcorder that plugs in to a video capture card or USB port.


Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Java



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2015-01-28 10:31:09

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