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BitDefender 9 Internet Security covers all the security needs of an Internet-connected family. It provides essential protection against viruses spyware spam scams phishing attempts intruders and objectionable web content. Antivirus The mission of the Antivirus module is to ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild. BitDefender Antivirus uses robust scan engines certified by ICSA Labs Virus Bulletin Checkmark CheckVir and TV. Firewall The firewall module filters network traffic and controls the access time and permissions for applications and users connecting to the Internet. In Stealth Mode your computer is hidden from malicious software and hackers. Antispam Quite simply put the BitDefender antispam module deals with the problem of spam so you dont have to. Antispyware Monitor and prevent potential spyware threats in real-time before they can damage your system. By making use off a comprehensive database of spyware signatures your computer will remain spyware-free. Parental Control The BitDefender parental control module can block access to web sites you deem inappropriate block access to the Internet for certain periods of time (such as when its time for lessons) and block applications like games chat filesharing programs or others from running.

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    Download BitDefender 9 Internet Security

BitDefender 9 Internet Security


BitDefender LLC

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Pentium MMX 200 Mhz or higher, 128MB of RAM Memory, 40MB hard disk space





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2015-02-05 12:53:17

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