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Free BareGrep, one of the most usable text search and file locating tool comes with various advantages including many functions such as:

  • A usual search expression for text.
  • High performance in terms of search algorithm.
  • Enables to save names along with management of patterns utilized in text search.
  • Directory search.
  • Interactive, incremental search.
  • Extract data with capturing groups.
  • Presents search result in tabulated form.
  • Extraction of data via capture groups.
  • Copies or export search result in various formats.
  • Enables searching of files of any size approximately greater than 2 GB.
  • Available in many file formats i.e. (UNIX, Win32, Microsoft IIS logs).
  • Available with single and small execution without any installer.
  • Loaded with an easy configuration and storage options”.

How is Free BareGrep different from Window Grep Utility?

Though many ports of grep are available for the windows users too (known well as a window grep); however, they are not as advanced as BareGrep that provides many versatile features and functions.


What more can I do with Free BareGrep?

Download BareGrep as it has a default feature of search for your desktop and the subfolders may also be searched if provided with its due name. By supplying a wildcard all the matching contents will be provided from the directory. Also by putting text in the search box, an immediate text match list will be shown as per the entered search type.

Why should I download BareGrep?

  • If one wishes to search as per his need or according to users demand, or in case of having a long directory to search for, you can specifically pick up the search function in free BareGrep that can go well with the requirements and provide you with the results as quickly as possible.
  • Download BareGrep as one can also provide it with a simplified search name for a file if he wants. Also, one can also go for searching text inside a file without considering whether the text in a file is in upper case, lower case, capital letter case or not. You just have to write the text and it will itself check for all the possible matches.
So these were some of the advantages that advocate why one should download BareGrep. It is free, easy to use, and makes your daily life tasks easy.
A free file finding and text searching tool: * Regular expression text search * High performance search algorithm * Wildcard and regular expression file search * Recursive directory search * Save name and manage text search patterns * Interactive incremental search * Extract data with capturing groups * Tabular presentation of search results * Exportcopy search results in many formats * Search files of any size ( 2GB) * Many file formats (Win32 Unix Microsoft IIS logs) * Flexible configuration options and storage * Single small executable no installer

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 40
  • Views : 1.5k
  • File Size : 45 b
  • 0/57 Virus Flags
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