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AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS 7.4 Beta

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AXIGEN Mail Server is a powerful and secure messaging solution for organizations of all sizes. It runs on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems and offers (E)SMTPPOP3IMAP services WebMail access from PCs & mobile phones List Server synchronization with mobile devices centralized WebCLI admin.New AJAX-based WebMail interface:-Advanced navigation (keyboard navigation drag-and-drop dynamic loading caching live email list view)-Attachment management frequent folders-External application integration (SOAP access to mailbox data advertising capabilities)Push Email & PIM Synchronization with mobile devices: -via ActiveSync connector (Nokia Symbian iPhone Windows Mobile etc)-via the NotifySync client (BlackBerry smart phones) Other time management & mobility features:-WebMail access from PCs & mobile phones-Personal Organizer (Calendar Tasks Notes Journal)-iCal (WebCal) access to Calendar & Tasks-Address Book (personal public domain)-HTML composer Rules & filters (Outlook-like)-RPOP temporary email addressesAdvanced groupware:-Shared folders & permissions-Public Folders Free Busy-Improved Outlook Connector (onlineOffline mode per-folder synchronization levels)Powerful technology:-Web Administration & Automated Operations (CLI)-Account Classes -Charts & statistics-Single storage of emails sent to multiple recipients-FTP Backup & Restore-Automatic migration tools-Delegated AdministrationAdvanced security:-Multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam filtering -Anti-impersonation & Password Enforcement Policies-Whitelisting Blacklisting & Greylisting-Encryption & Authentication-SPF & DomainKeys complianceLDAP & Active Directory synchronization:-LDAP Integration (ActiveDirectory OpenLDAP)-2-Way synchronization -Active Directory User Management ConsoleFree technical support services. Get your copy of AXIGEN 7.4 Beta now!

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    Download AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS

AXIGEN Mail Server for Windows OS



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Windows Server 2003/2008, Intel x86, 256 RAM, 100MB





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2015-02-06 01:22:10

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Increased usability (e.g. email filters in Ajax WebMail Free Busy enhancements) and security (Greylisting password expiry notifications in Outlook) and many more.

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