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When you give away your hard drive or sell off your old computer you are basically licensing the third party to access your old e-mail private customer information corporate secrets and other sensitive data. Even if you have deleted all data from your computers hard disk and reformatted the drive with the proper recovery tools someone could retrieve your previously deleted files and even gather your personal information from the disk space of your computer.If you want to completely destroy your sensitive data on the disk without leaving a chance for someone to recover the dataa use the AEVITA Erase Hard Drive utility. When you delete your data using AEVITA Erase Hard Drive all traces of the data are removed from the disk so that the data cannot be retrieved even by using disk recovery software. Your private information will be 100% gone and your data will be completely destroyed.AEVITA Erase Hard Drive uses the industry-accepted government and military strength algorithms to ensure complete data wiping and assure you of the utmost security of your sensitive personal or confidential data. The program works with all standard hard drives and floppy disks and operates independently of the operating system or any data that may exist on the target disk. Best of all it is quick easy-to-use and compatible with any PC independent of the operating system on thetarget disk.Once a disk has been erased with AEVITA Erase Hard Drive no data recovery tools regardless of their level of sophistication will be able to recover any data that previously existed on the disk.Dont leave a chance for someone to recover your data - destroy your sensitive personal or confidential data beyond recovery now!


AEVITA Erase Hard Drive


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2015-01-29 01:22:02

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