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3D Company Logo Screensaver

Marketing and advertisement are always very important for any business. Businesses always look for different ways to promote their brand. But, it is quite expensive to promote your brand through advertisement. 3D Company Logo Screensaver is a program to help you in this regard. You can promote your brand with your own rotating 3D logo screensaver. This app makes your every computer a source of advertisement for you. Whenever a computer sleeps, it will show a rotating logo of your brand. This app uses the latest 3D technology to display your brand logo. Let us have a look at the other features of 3D Company Logo Screensaver.

Free to use

This app is free to download and use. You do not have to pay anything to get this wonderful app. Download the app, save your screen and watch your company logo displayed.

Compatible with all operating systems

The good thing about this app is that it is compatible with almost all operating systems. It works well with all PC operating systems including Windows and Mac. So whatever OS you are using, this app will always work great for you.

Variable rotation speed

This app works as per your instructions. Even you can adjust the rotation speed of your company logo. You can always adjust this speed as per your need.

Variable logo rotation axes

Most of the similar apps rotate the logo using a single rotation angle. 3D Company Logo Screensaver gives you many options to change the rotation axes. You can adjust the logo to move horizontal, vertical, in circles or any other axes of your choice.

The easiest way to use your company logo

This app gives you a chance to promote your business without spending extra money. This is a very convenient way to use your company logo for promoting your brand.

Most common image formats

3D Company Logo Screensaver does not need any technical inputs to display the logo. All you need is a picture of your company logo in JPG or BMP. These are the most common formats that are being used for saving pictures.

Amazing 3D output

You will not believe the results of this app. It uses the latest 3D technology and gives the best results. So download this app now and watch your company logo rotating using the latest 3D technology.

Save your screen and watch your company logo displayed and rotated using 3D technology. Use all of your computers to best available advertising while computer sleeps. All you need is your company logo picture in most common file format jpg or bmp. Features:- Variable logo rotation axes - Variable rotation speed - Easiest way to use your own logo - Most common image formats JPG and BMP - Unbelievable output quality in 3D mode Enjoy your company logo in 3D and release daily routine for a moment.

  • Download 3D Company Logo Screensaver
    Download 3D Company Logo Screensaver

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