Why business analytics? Why now?

The market has become an extremely complicated universe in itself over the past few thousand years. The best product still sells but there is hardly a way to identify the best product because of the parity between competing businesses in terms of production and services. Everything comes down to branding, marketing, advertising, and most importantly speed.

Nevertheless, in this complex and convoluted world called the market there is one relatively consistent factor – data. Anyone, who has been a part of a company, a corporation, or an association for at least a week, knows very well that nothing brings more value than accurate information, provided the information is treated with intention, nurtured with skill, and interrogated with vision. This is why business analytics is important. It is more important now than ever because never before have so many enterprises realized the value of data.

The middle market

The upper tier companies, the large MNCs and the popular tech giants already have massive digital frameworks in position. They have access to more data than they possibly need and thanks to machine learning and AI, they can make sense of most of it. However, the small and midsize enterprises have taken their sweet time to adopt digital transformation and there are still a large number of companies especially in India that are still adhering to the traditional ways of sales, and marketing.

This sector is in need of immediate help and this is the sector where business analytics is going to play a pivotal role in the next few years.

Digital transformation

The only upside of the pandemic has been the growing adoption of the digital mediums of doing things. Every sector has had to move to some or the other digital platform. A lot of things have changed consequently. The kind of data they produce, the security they need for the data, and the policies they need, all have changed. A data governance failure can easily turn into a massive disaster for a small company. The answer is having a business analytics professional on board who can discover and identify the changing needs and take appropriate action.

Becoming a business analyst in India

As I keep saying a lot of Indian businesses are still wrestling with the concept of a digital strategy. They need experienced hands to sail their boats in the right direction. But that does not mean no one is interested in hiring you if you are just starting out. Your ability to gather domain knowledge and implement technological solutions will turn you into an asset sooner or later. Start with finding a business analytics course in Bangalore, because that is where you will learn from the best and make the most useful connections. There will not be a better time to start.          

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