AI Trends in 2021 AI Professional

Top AI Trends in 2021 AI Professional Should Watch Out!

As 2020 comes to an end and the industry leaders all over the world try to sum up the past, present, future of artificial intelligence technology, there are certain trends that are coming up that will shape up the AI future in the coming years.

While the AI remains the technology of the future that will personate a key role in how we live, work, and play in the future, let’s have a look at how AI will be the key technology that will help in rebuilding the lives as well as help in reshaping the business strategies.   

Here are the top four AI trends every AI professional and an AI engineer worth his or her salt should know so as to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Big Data Analytics and Insights that are smarter than before. One of the biggest breakthrough in the AI technology will be to have platforms where all the data can be stored and extracted easily to refer in the future. In fact, in the coming year that is in 2021 Artificial Intelligence will feature in the list of technological developments that have enabled the humans to deal with the pandemics more effectively.

2. Drones will become more evolved as they will be able to detect any abnormalities within the crowd and try to prevent it by informing the concerned authorities about the same. This is where the role of an AI Engineer becomes crucial along with AI professionals who are working every day to tweak the technology so as to make it better. With AI Engineers continuously working to develop the abilities to apply machine learning to solve the various problems that plague the world today. For instance, as the AI technology will become more advance, AI professionals with the help of machine learning’s problem-solving techniques will be able to detect outbreaks easily, will also be able to track any contact between infected people, will also play a key role in developing more effective and lasting vaccinations against the virus.

3. In the coming years AI will become more advance as AI-based technology will be able to detect any abnormality in a human behavior. One of the key aspects in business is taking care of its employees with the help of AI enabled technology, the business house will be able to detect any mood swings in their employees.

4. One of the major problems of this year has been the unprecedented spread of the virus resulting in the global pandemic.  Well the future will hold the key to this problem as well. AI-enabled technology will be able to predict the onset of the disease and take preventive measures so as to stop the spread there and then.

These are just the few trends of AI to watch out for in 2021, and as AI engineer and AI professional work in tandem to make better AI-enabled technologies, the world will continue to witness the developments in the field.

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