Top 3 Features for Android Spy App

The android monitoring option of TheWiSpy brings a number of the most innovative spy features enabling the end-user to monitor and control a smartphone remotely.

It is meant for families and the business community to maintain children and workforces’ digital behavior under surveillance.

The spy program works with complete secrecy and efficacy without giving any clue to the object.

Here we’ve discussed the top 5 spy attributes of this android tracker program.

Read on to learn the features that stand TheWiSpy out from the spy market.

The android tracking app empowers the end-user to sneak into a mobile phone running Android 5.

The mobile phone tracker is designed for parents and employers to keep tabs on kids’ and employees’ digital activities.

When the app is installed in an android phone, that device can be watched outside and operated via a web portal or online control panel of TWS.

How Android Spy App Works?

The smartphone tracker program works with confidentiality without even allowing the object to know.

It covertly accesses data stored on the Android device and uploads it to the internet portal of TWS.

Additionally, the app can control certain features of the targeted android mobile phone.

Top 3 Spy Features of Android Tracker

The mobile phone tracker app comes preloaded with scores of spying attributes.

Some attributes of this app run only on rooted android device but mostly comprise unrooted support devices.

We’ve discussed here the most innovative features of this program, such as rooted and unrooted capabilities. Check all of them!

Do you wish to know what your child is performing on his smartphone?

What if he’s chatting with a stranger or searching for age-inappropriate stuff online?

Spy on Kids Under Stealth Mode

By installing spyware you can track kids activities, No matter your child does on his phone can be viewed even remaining far away from him.

The working parents may keep a secret eye on the children’s mobile phone display with the help of screen recording characteristics of the android phone spyware.

How does this work? 

This tracking option’s end-user can send a command to the targeted mobile phone via the web control panel. On getting your control, the targeted device starts recording the screen for a predefined length.

After that, it uploads the video that has been recorded to the internet portal site from where the end-user can recover it from anywhere. The program also can capture screenshots without accessing the targeted cellular phone.


There are only a few excellent android cell phone spy apps that enable monitoring real-life activities of the goal — TheWiSpy is one of those apps.

It lets you watch out for what is happening in the surrounding of a monitored android phone. The bugging attribute also enables listening to voices and sounds hearable close to the targeted phone.

How does it function?

The spy app can secretly turn to the camera and microphone of the tracked Android device. By sending a distant control via the internet control panel, both the secondary and primary cameras of this telephone can be controlled.

Employing the camera and MIC, the end-user can take photos and record videos to capture events and actions done in the targeted devices’ neighborhood.

The end-user can recover videos and photos via the online control panel of TWS.

GPS Location Finding

Would you need to remain updated about the whereabouts of your children?

The location finding characteristic of TWS lets you know where your loved ones are in the present time and in which they were before.

It also allows creating virtual boundaries around your younger children to stop them from becoming missed out.

Functionality of its Feature:

The location finding characteristic of the spy app is automatic. The end-user does not have to send some commands to the phone to determine the target location.

TheWiSpy android spy app automatically deletes and uploads the monitored phone’s GPS location to the web portal of TWS.

To make virtual boundaries around your children and keep them from seeing unsafe places, you need to mark those places on the online control panel. The spy program will inform you if the object enters or leaves the market place.

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