Tips to Clear CEH Certification Exam

Certified Ethical Hacker training trains you with the latest world-class hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies which are usually used by hackers and security professionals to lawfully hack or protect an institution.

9 Tips to Help You Clear The CEH Certification Exam

1. Create a Checklist of Topics to Study

The Certified Ethical Hacker exam has 125 questions that span multiple subjects.  A checklist ensures not getting overwhelmed studying just one area and forget about the remainder. 

2. Create a Study Plan

Be realistic about your work and obligations. Schedule time for study in accordance with times when you may be using the concepts you are learning. 

3. Use Real-World Situations to Study

It is important to understand the CEH exam material from a real-world perspective, as opposed to just reading about the concepts. Create a virtual lab environment right at your own home which gives you to practice some of the techniques. If you can, try to attend the CEH training which will generate you how to set up lab environments and also provide top-class training guidance.

5. Know Your Exam!

The EC-Council website contributes to the most essential information about the CEH certification exam. They also provide links to a ton of useful information, to official training providers, exam topics, practice questions, study material and whatnot.

6. Advantage of Free Exam-Prep Resources

The EC-Council website issues Free content like the CEH Handbook, CEH Exam Blueprint, practice questions and many more. You can use these as a starting point to assess your understanding of the exam.

7. Involve yourself in an Exam Preparation Course

If you want to spend time with an experienced instructor who has actual knowledge of how to beat the exam, a certification preparation course with IT experts like Koenig solutions could help you. This may result in a greater success rate in any certification exam.

8. Take Practice Exams

CEH candidates should avoid attempting the exam without the help of practice questions. You might be at your best, not only in terms of knowledge of the current security domains but also in terms of time management and stress control but practice questions are a must.

9. Try to Join an Online Community

A simple Google search will result in several CEH online groups where wikis and personal websites of both candidates and certified professionals share their certification experiences and insight of the exam.

It is very important to verify the credibility of any source that you are using. 

CEH Certification Benefits

1. Helps increase knowledge

Cyber attackers have several different ways to attack IT infrastructure and exploit the vulnerabilities to their advantage. The organization needs to be aware of the risks and loopholes associated with their systems to avoid spending large sums of money and man hours to keep their system safe and secure. 

2. Think Like a Hacker

A company’s fight against cybercriminals starts when the harm has already been done, which involves remedies to threats and events as they occur. Precaution is better than cure. Simply applying this axiom could be valuable to the company to understand how these criminals operate and formulate their strategies. 

3. CEH Certification Boosts the Holder’s Salary

Getting a globally-accepted certificate stands as proof of the technical skills you possess, which is a very crucial aspect that employers look for when rewarding new roles. Based on the data available, the average salary for professionals holding the CEH certification in India is INR 3,67,249 per year.

4. Helps You Advance in Security Career

The certification, CEH, acts as a cherry on top of the cake. It paves the way for gaining more knowledge of IT security and increases the brand value if the person in question is already a distinguished professional in this field. 

With this double benefit of the certification, a cybersecurity professional can use the most recent tools and techniques used by hackers to thwart their malicious activities.

5. Practice with Real Hacking Tools

You might already know about the basic hacking tools, techniques and the ways of using it. But to be a master in its use, special guidance and in-depth knowledge of these tools is a must. 

The EC-Council’s CEH certification gives the best guidance which aims to make its students learn and also implement the tools themselves. If you have achieved mastery with the various ways in which attackers use these hacking tools, then you are ready to protect and safeguard your networks, applications or any other assets from any kind of cybersecurity attacks.


These 9 tips could help you pass the CEH certification. However, it is always best to seek professional guidance and training. Koenig’s Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Training is a widely-recognized CEH training delivered with the help of expert instructors of these fields who have a comprehensive understanding of every globally-recognized information security standard.

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