Shopify Blog – Should I Use my Shopify or Big Commerce Blog with WordPress?

This post will teach you how to start a blog on Shopify and address the age-old debate on whether you should use the native blogging site of Shopify versus a subdomain WordPress blog.

When it comes to selling and making money online, most individuals do stuff backwards.

A reader contacted me the other day for example, to complain that he had spent 3 months creating a beautiful website on Shopify, but due to a lack of traffic, he was not making any sales.

The thing’s here.

On Shopify or Major Commerce, most people put up an e-commerce store and hope that customers will come. But the fact is that it can be very difficult early on to get organic traffic to a brand new e-commerce store.

The best way to sell your products is first to create a loyal fan audience first. And with a blog, the best way to build this audience is.

How to start a WordPress blog and should it be on a subdomain at a Shopify or BigCommerce store?

A blog will not only place you within your niche as an expert, but it will also draw free traffic from search engines. And the sales will start rolling in once you’ve built a following.

For instance, I recently posted my year-end analysis of how last year performed as a company and I was pleased to report that my blog received more than $1.35 million.

Note: These numbers are entirely different from my online store and are for my blog alone.

I can sell my e-commerce course as well as related affiliate deals to my audience because I have built a decent sized fan base.

In addition, I unintentionally made a name for myself in the process of e-commerce!

Blogging is a perfect way to…

Get your opinions out to the masses

As an authority, create yourself

Contact other professionals and entrepreneurs around you.

I have also met hundreds of like-minded bloggers over the years and made a lot of new friends, too.

If you want to develop yourself as an expert or want to draw potential customers to your e-commerce shop, a blog is a must-have!

Today, I’m going to show you how to start a standalone WordPress blog and how to connect a blog to an existing Shopify or BigCommerce store with WordPress.

I’m also going to address the pros and cons of getting a blog versus a separate folder in a subdirectory.

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