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Pay Per Click Trends to Watch in 2021

PPC is a model of advertising and a channel of digital marketing used for driving traffic to a website. Here, an advertiser pays a publisher (owner of a website) on his ad being clicked. Advertisers bid on keywords and phrases in relevance to their target audience and pay when their ads are clicked with the search engines.

 The amount paid to the publisher depends on two significant factors, the quality of an ad and the maximum bid an advertiser is ready to pay per click. PPC is used for achieving campaign goals like generating qualitative leads, increasing sales, and creating brand awareness. It can be an excellent way for a business to reach its target market as PPC offers an opportunity to get the target market when looking for business solutions like yours.

 As the industries are becoming highly competitive, it’s vital for them to efficiently spend maximum returns on investment (ROI). Most companies providing PPC campaign management services, use these trends to provide the highest efficiency. 

Let’s take a look at some essential Pay-Per-Click trends,

Pay-Per-Click Automation

This trend has got a significant evolution in digital marketing. It is a process where vast amounts of data work together to identify the best possible audience for your campaign. It saves brands a significant amount of money by targeting audiences who are more likely to buy your product/services. 

We can understand automation with the help of an example. With an increase in home-internet-dependent devices for controlling home functions, Google collects enormous amounts of data and uses it to personalize and customize ads; as per your preferences and experiences. Google uses this information for the creation of an automation system. This way, Google gives advertisers a highly targeted audience, which means you can provide your advertising message to the correct audience at the wanted time.

Apart from that, Google has invested heavily in automation, as it is the most preferred and used platform for PPC. To benefit from PPC automation, you need to help it by setting up your business’s right goals. This will ensure Google is learning correctly about your target audience and reaching your ideal customers for driving required goals.

Automation will help you save money and time to help you focus better on your projects and strategies.

Artificial intelligence and PPC

Artificial Intelligence is an ability of machines to demonstrate thinking patterns displayed by humans and animals. It is an exciting technological development, as it seems to crop up in all digital marketing areas and evolve technology to respond better. AI is benefitting PPC, as machine learning tools help advertisers recognize the most beneficial bids that can bring sufficient traffic.

It also can predict future CTR (Cost Through Rate) and its impact on quality scores. Lastly, it can use historical data for predicting the likelihood of future conversation. 

Video Advertising and PPC

Today, the video has established an important place in our lives. As it is rightly said, you learn better by listening and viewing things; viewers prefer video and graphic-rich content over regular textual content. Videos are an effective way of transmitting information, which allows various brands to communicate effectively. It helps them to establish a personal connection with their related target audience. 

For companies catering to lifestyle products, video ads are a blessing. As with the correct placement of keywords and digital marketing strategies, brands generate a good no. of consumers and create sufficient brand awareness.

Paid Amazon Ads

PPC makes you instantly think of Facebook and Google ads but moving aside; we have Amazon as one of the largest and fastest-growing advertisers with Amazon Ads. Amazon ads are displayed both on and off-site, increasing diversity and popularity as a place to advertise.

Both Facebook and Google host a larger audience, but they are not necessarily ready to purchase. Amazon has a key advantage over both of them, buyer intent. Those searching the site are majorly ready to make a purchase, and therefore it can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Responsive Search Ads

It is a trend in which RSA adapts to the device width and enables Google to automatically test fifteen different headlines and four descriptions by using AI to find the correct combinations for your target group and their search term. 

Matching your ad’s content with your target group’s preferences can improve the ad groups’ performance, generating more conversions and clicks than existing text ads.

We should expect this to be a big trend as it spreads, develops, and becomes intuitive.


PPC being a digital marketing channel and a model of advertising, works holistically to provide cost-effective solutions. Businesses save themselves precious time for concentrating better on campaign management and project strategies. To take the best of PPC benefits and its related trends, you need to set your business goals right. This enables Google to learn better about your target group and help you reach a more stratified target group. 

The above mentioned PPC trends will help change the way companies acquire their customers and achieve a more relevant target audience. Digital marketing is evolving every day. Brands leave no stone unturned to market themselves uniquely. Here, it is required to observe the ongoing trends and algorithms to plan a creative and strategic digital marketing campaign for highlighting your brand. Conducting market research before planning a campaign is very useful here. To maintain a pace and keep your brand ahead of competitors, you should smartly use the strategies which are cost-effective and more responsive, PPC being a channel of digital marketing, hosts numerous benefits for a business to grow strategically and effectively. 

With trends like automation, responsive search ads, video ads, paid Amazon ads, etc., pay-per-click is expected to have a promising future. For staying a step ahead and devising the right strategies, it is advised to hire an agency offering PPC campaign management services. This can help you streamline your campaign strategies and make them highly effective. 

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