How Much Does it Cost to Make an App in USA

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App in USA

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed immense growth in the usage of smartphones and mobile apps. Can you believe that mobile app usage has exploded by 76% in the past year!

How much does it cost to make an app? It is one of the top questions that come to every entrepreneur’s mind. App development cost estimate does not only depend on the development time and hourly rates. It depends on several factors, including ideation, app type, industry type, the complexity of the application, and post-release support.

There are different assumptions about mobile app development costs. Some say they are too expensive to build a mobile app for business, and some say develop from low-cost mobile app builders. Don’t let the “no coding skills required” statements mislead you. They do nothing but choose a range of templates, and maximum customization is choosing your desired color and theme. Hiring a reliable app development company is a wise move as they can guide you throughout the app development process that helps you achieve success in a short time.

Before you consult every mobile app development company about the cost of an app idea, it is wise to get quick quotes using an app cost calculator. Many leading app development companies offer you the tool where you need to answer a few questions based on your app idea and get approximate quotes. It is the best way to choose the right company as it helps you select based on both budget and portfolio.

It is a mandate that you do your homework carefully before making the final deal with any company. The cost to develop an app in USA is dependent on various factors, such as:

  1. Technical Complexities

There is a million features that we can add to an app. However, every functionality comes with a development cost and effort. You can add features like,

  • Third-Party Integrations – For a few functionalities in the app, we need integration with third-party libraries, frameworks, and services. For instance, real-time chat boxes, payment gateways, and social media channels.
  •  Backend Development – A backend provides APIs that empower an application to exchange the data between the application and database, seamlessly.
  • Admin Panel Development – The admin panel is the most significant part of the application, as it makes it easier to keep a tab on everything. However, building an admin panel from scratch takes a lot of time, ultimately leads to higher development costs. 
  • In-App Purchase Feature – There are several ways to implement in-app purchases in the application. The cost is dependent on what kind of functionality is implemented.    
  • Number Of Devices And Operating Systems

If we talk about iOS apps, it should be ideally compatible with the latest and a few previous versions of iPhone (12, 11, X, 8, 7, and 6) and support iOS 9 and iOS 8 versions. It also applies to Android, currently, all the applications should support from Jelly Beam 4.1 to Android 11). It is obvious if you want to cover more devices, it means more time will be spent on adapting the application for different screen sizes, resolutions, hardware specifications, and even testing. 

Let’s Talk Numbers…

Now when we are aware of which factors are affecting the cost of app development, let’s jump into what are cost dependent variables across different states of the USA.

  1. App Development is Costliest in California

With the availability of top talent, enormous venture capital, and the skyrocketing cost of living, the research states that Silicon Valley is retaining its title of being the costliest development state. However, you can witness differences in the prices within California. The app development cost in San Francisco and Palo Alto is the highest can cost up to $45,000 to develop a simple iOS app, but if we move away from the Bay area, the prices can drop up to $30,000.

  • There is a Huge Variation in App Development Costs in USA

The cost of developing an app in advanced US states is comparatively 2X higher than building the same app in other states. A similar app that costs in Palo Alto is around $49,000, whereas, in states like Alabama, Montana, and Kentucky, it will cost approximately $22,000. There are some states which are counted as underrated gems, however, come with various tech opportunities and offer the lowest development price.

In general, US & Canadian based app development companies charge from $20,000 to $50,000 for simple apps. The highly complex apps with advanced functionality take around 800+ hours to complete can cost around $60,000 to $80,000. 


Among diverse mobile app development companies in California, Clavax is one of the most reputed companies that offer top-notch software, web, and mobile app development services at cost-effective prices. Supported by a strong team, the company has provided innovative experiences to clients all over the globe. Be it a start-up or Fortune 500 organization, the company has given robust digital solutions irrespective of industry type. Moreover, the company provides an advanced cost calculator tool that enables you to get quick quotes based on your business requirements. For more details, book a free consultation with experts.

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