How does Data Analytics transform the marketing industry?

This year may not have been exactly as you planned but that does not mean that you cannot make the most out of it. Learning the latest technologies like Data Analytics and Data Science can open new opportunities for you to build a successful career.

Data Analytics has brought about a rapid change across a range of industries in the world, including marketing. Data Analytics allows marketers to learn a great deal about their organization’s customers using target precision. Big Data and analytics have transformed industries in more ways than one and it has become a significant necessity of a company as this popular technology has revolutionized the way we look at data and analyze it. This technology is in popular demand during this pandemic and it will only soar once this phase is over.

There are over 96,000 jobs available for professionals with data analytical skills in the United States as per LinkedIn.

According to the salaries posted on Indeed, the average salary earned by a Data Analyst is approximately US$75,362 per year.

To master this in-demand technology and become proficient in its tools and techniques, enroll in a Data Analytics course from a well-reputed institute.

Before reading about the various trends in marketing that has been possible due to Data Analytics advancements, let’s learn a little about this technology.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing business data to analyze it and identify various patterns and trends of the current market. There are several techniques involved in the process of Data Analytics that have now become automated into algorithms and mechanical processes that work on this raw data. The process of Data Analytics reveals metrics that can otherwise stay hidden in the middle of the pile of irrelevant data generated by organizations on a daily basis.

Now, let us learn about the top trends of data analytics that have transformed or are on the verge of transforming the field of marketing.

1. Data from Multiple Sources for Improved Customer Insights

With everything around us in the world constantly changing, so do the requirements, preferences, and tastes of the customers. This makes it important for organizations to keep updating themselves to stay abreast making correct business decisions. Yes, customer surveys play an important role when it comes to leveraging data and understanding the needs and sentiments of the customers but it is not enough. 

There are massive volumes of data generated by all companies every day, there is a lot of data available to gain insights from. Organizations have become busy compiling their business data from multiple sources so that they can extract valuable information. 

Besides, marketers have access to Machine Learning models with Natural Language Processing that allow them to retrieve data from chat and voice conversations,  reviews, customer feedback, transaction data, and more. As a result, it allows marketing professionals to get a better understanding of their customers, and create content that targets the specific customers and potential leads.

2. Improvements in Marketing ROI Through Ensemble Modeling

Marketing professionals find it difficult to repeatedly fine-tune and assess their organization’s allocation of marketing budget to get maximum ROI. These professionals generally made use of the Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) methodology to gain insight into the marketing budget allocation, however, with the rapid increase in the use of online platforms and channels, another method has gained more popularity among these marketers. This technique is called Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).

No, this does not mean that the two methods are interchangeable. These are just different methods that serve their own purpose. Marketing experts use MMM for strategic planning in the long term. On the other hand, they use MTA to gain tactical insights in the short term.

3. Customer-level Marketing Improvements Through Cloud Analytics

There has been a rapid increase in online shopping due to which organizations collect a large amount of customer data. To access this data easily for leverage, it becomes an important task for professionals to store the data appropriately for various use. This is one of the main reasons why companies have shifted their data to the cloud and make the most of its features and benefits.

Transferring the data to the cloud has helped organizations in terms of cost reduction, productivity, efficiency, and more. Besides, the cloud offers advantages like open-source analytics and vast computing power. Moreover, the approach, reach, and engagement of the marketers with their customers has transformed drastically in terms of marketing.

4. Deliver Connected Consumer Experiences

For the customers today, value is not enough, they also require a good experience. This can become difficult as customers go through multiple channels, not just one. Marketers use data from several resources from which they can get a clear view of the customer requirements. This gets enabled once the identity of customers matches across the multiple available channels that are compiled together using matching algorithms. Moreover, numerous platforms like Qualtrics are available for customer service that allows professionals to track customer experience at every step and measure it. Marketing professionals can use this combined set of data to provide a better customer experience.


This comprehensive blog on the ways in which Data Analytics has transformed the field of marketing has provided you with enough knowledge on what Data Analytics is, the numerous opportunities available in this domain, and more. By reading about the various trends of Data Analytics, you must have realized its crucial and impeccable role in various industries, along with the reasons why marketing professionals must have skills in it to excel in their career field. So, without wasting any time, sign up for the best course on Data Analytics, gain experience by working on various projects, and apply for your dream job in top organizations with high paying salaries.

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