Hiring A PHP Developer: Best Tips To Know

PHP is the best programming language proven to deploy robust web applications. Though it has been around for quite a while, it still keeps the potential to dominate the whole web development world for the years to come. Be it a small or an enterprise-level project, PHP remains to be the ultimate choice for developing scalable, customizable, and robust web-based projects. PHP drives 8 out of 10 websites that we see today. However, this scripting language alone cannot be credited for the creation of dynamic websites. The knowledgeable and skilled minds at work developing PHP based projects are the ones responsible for the same. Credibly developed applications have an efficient future as compared to loosely developed applications. 

Who is a PHP developer? 

A knowledgeable PHP developer is the one who writes, maintains, and tests codes for web pages, applications, and programs using PHP scripting language.

How should you hire a PHP developer for your project?

To answer this question, let’s look at some important tips for hiring a PHP developer.

Recruiting a PHP developer

There are plenty of choices available when you start hunting the right developer for your project. For doing the same, you can either opt for a PHP development company or a freelancer. However, finding a knowledgeable developer is not a cakewalk. Before finalizing a developer, it’s good to acquaint yourself with the process of recruiting a PHP developer. The process is mainly based on categorizing the type of programmer; you choose to work with; based on its proficiency level.

The beginners are the ones who have just started with the journey of development. They currently flourish in the growing phase and are yet to achieve the efficiency of handling the whole project.

Another categorization is based on the developers having some industrial exposure. Such developers have delivered some projects and are relatively expected to know the basics of project development.

The last categorization is based on the experience level. Under this category are the developers who excel in PHP. Out of their experience, these developers can add value to your projects and can encapsulate ideas to bring them into real-life. From designing, integrating, maintaining, and developing, they are a step ahead of all. 

Sources Of Hiring

To hire a PHP coder, there are numerous sources like,

  • Developers’ Community: PHP is a widely-used programming language, has a huge community to support. It’s good to find a developer for your project within this community.
  • Freelance Portals: Giving people the convenience to work at their own pace is all that freelancing is about. Your best available developers can be the one from any of these portals.
  • Verified PHP Development Companies: There exists a bunch of companies that offer solutions for PHP project development. These companies have an experienced workforce to handle and deliver a project from scratch. In case of urgency, you can plan to outsource their services. This will help you to manage and deliver your project within the estimated time.

Important Things to Consider

  • Experience Level: An experienced PHP developer can prove to be a valuable resource for your project. With the experience of handling the entire project from scratch, a developer’s skill set can be of great use. 
  • Past Projects: It’s good to know about the past projects handled by a developer as this can help you relate his/her useful skills for your ongoing project. Also, the more quality projects delivered, the better will be the efficiency of the developer.
  • Skills: Out of everything that matters most in a developer is his/her skills. While PHP is a server-side language, there is a lot of scope for adding layers to it. An efficient PHP developer can be skilled at numerous things. Here, full-stack development comes as a plus. Website development is not just about providing solutions; it’s also about creatively delivering those solutions to your target audience. It’s good to prefer a PHP developer who can think out of the box and incorporate creativity within every project,
  • Communication: In the project development process, communication is an essential part. The developers need to be prompt and quick in their responses, as there are times when developers need to handle the client directly. It’s better to look for developers with good communication skills, as this adds more to the efficiency level of your project.
  • Attitude: Development is an ongoing process. Developers often have to incorporate new changes in an ongoing project before completing a prevailing module. This tests the patience of many, and in turn, the task gets affected. Hence, attitude makes a big difference.

Apart from these, there can be some other relevant things that you can consider before hiring a PHP developer like, existing knowledge of PHP language, the efficiency of working with SQL database, knowledge of CSS, understanding of JavaScript, knowledge of object-oriented programming, knowledge of control systems like SVN and Git and efficiency with PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, etc. 

Testing Knowledge

It’s good to test the PHP developers on their knowledge. For doing so, you can ask them questions like what is a session in PHP, where are they stored, what are various types of errors available on PHP and what are the destructor and constructor in PHP?


Being acquainted with the process of hiring, you can realize, both development companies and developers have their expertise and pros and cons. While one needs constant monitoring, the other might not. Moreover, the final recruitment decision should be taken, keeping in mind the classification based on proficiency level. Knowing the relevance and popularity of PHP, it is good to hire professional PHP programmer who is well versed in the development process, as this can assure you the efficient creation and management of your project. Skills like experience, efficiency, knowledge of PHP frameworks, CSS, HTML, communication, creativity do make a difference. One should keep in mind that flawless and dynamic creation of websites needs constant focus and monitoring; hence it’s advisable to recruit a PHP developer keeping all the essential hiring tips in mind.

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