YouTube Heroes gives you a Chance to Act as a Moderator on Youtube

Together with YouTube’s new “community” section, a new program called ‘YouTube Heroes’ has also been made public by the company. This program is expecting to have viewers help moderate its videos and comments. In exchange for your help, you will be provided with more tools that would help you play the role of a moderator. Besides, you will also be given the power to test new features in YouTube before they are released on the platform.

An effort to save YouTube’s waning reputation

Unfortunately, the reputation of YouTube has badly suffered recently related to its comment section. Having more than one billion accounts, it is pretty obvious that such a thing could happen. Prior to this, the owners of channels were accountable for looking the comments on their videos and the company took action only when it was imperative. The new program will prove to be useful in this regard.

‘YouTube Heroes’ rewards the users

The Heroes program will grant points to users for various tasks they carry out. For example, they will get one point for reporting a video that doesn’t comply by the company’s guidelines. Likewise, users may get 10 points for giving the most suitable answer in the platform’s Help forums. As you gain these points, you will be able to unlock different program levels and then get rewards accordingly.

Users will begin level one where they will have the option to view the Heroes dashboard and start earning points. When they get to the highest level, they will be able to review products early as a reward. They will also be able to apply for the Heroes Summit.

So here is your chance to save the world by signing up for this innovative and new program "Youtube Heroes". Check it out here.