Working Lego Whac-a-Mole Game

Do you want to relieve your stress? Here is something that can help. If you’re well-stocked with Lego, you can build a working version of Whac-a-Mole that even keeps score. It might even be better than the original as in case you break it, it can be put back together with ease.

Adding to the ever-growing list of wonderful stuff you can make with Lego’s programmable Mindstorms EV3 toys, ManicMiners has players trying to whack 8 tiny characters 50 times as they pop out of Lego tires randomly.

The game was built using 8 Lego Mindstorms motors, 6 color sensors, a touch sensor, and a pair of control units that display and track the score. To find out how to build one you need a mastery of Lego since Dobson hasn’t released building instructions so far.