What makes Magisto a great learning tool for aspiring Filmmakers?

Magisto is a perfect app that allows you to make perfect videos with a few taps.

Here is a wonderful app for those who wish to pursue a career in filmmaking. Gone are the times when editors were gods and you had to plead to be given a chance to discover your talent. With great learning tool apps such as Magisto a whole new world of video making has opened up for creative individuals seeking to become a film maker

A plethora of video making tools 

Available on both iOS and android, this great app enable you to check out what video making is all about and that too without any complications. Offering an array of smart tools, Magisto makes the process of making a great extremely easy. Ranging from the subtle dissolves to  crackly celluloid look for vintage changeableness, the app also offers various audio samples to set the right mood for every occasion. There are also pre-themed visual storytelling templates that provide you with sufficient options to choose from. 

That is not all. This app is powered by A.I. machine intelligence and some smart algorithms. Yes, "Emotion Sense Technology" as termed by the company. 

About Magisto

Established in 2009, Magisto is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. It has offices in various parts of the world including Singapore and Israel.  Having more than 90 million users from across the planet, Magisto is funded by Mail.ru, Horizons Ventures, Sandisk, Qualcomm and Magma Venture Partners.

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