What is Inside iOS 10? Check out the new smart Photos features

Apple has put forward some great Photo features tools with the new iOS 10 and macOS Sierra updates. These include new machine learning algorithms that identify places and faces automatically, which in turn make searching and organization of images much more easier. 

Automatic face, location and object recognition 

With the latest updates, intelligent Photos search features examine your photo library’s content. Based on detected faces, objects and scenes, it then automatically organizes images. Results are then organized into People and Places albums.

While the scanning is automatic, it is not very fast. iOS 10 on an iPhone 6 Plus took about 3 hours for a library of 350 "optimized" images to work after the initial update. Face recognition software groups similar faces at one place that is the People album. Photos will scan your pictures and videos for object and scene recognition in addition to location, and gather them by numerous keywords.

How it works? 

In order to organize photos of your dear ones based on faces, go to the People folder in Photos. Click on the album of your choice. The software will automatically detect faces and create individual albums for each face. You can add name to each album.

Likewise, for photos based on particular location, you need to on the Places album and map populated and geotagged images will appear. Click on the photo on that region and you will be able to see a list of photos snapped at a particular location.

Memories feature

In addition, the Photo features app has a new Memories feature that is another great thing about the update. It basically pulls photos based on the times, names and locations and then make a video slideshow.


What’s the catch?

Well, one serious downfalls of the new photo features is that there is no option to sync between devices. It means that information from earlier Photos is lost and all the organized albums and photos will not transfer to any iOS device after all your hard work.