What Far Cry 5 Trailer is all about?

Far Cry Series fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Far Cry 5 and many had anticipated it to have launched in 2016 but the wait wasn’t over till UbiSofts’s announcement of the game’s launch disappointed many. But patience always pay so you need to wait a little more and you will only be getting better stuff in the form of this exciting adventure game. For now fans can keep themselves content with Far Cry 5 trailer.

Far Cry 4 with its exciting features won the hearts of many and had raised the expectations for Far Cry 5. The full length trailer of Far Cry 5 reveals several interesting details about the game. This time the game has been set in the surroundings of Montana, US. As shown in the trailer, the open world environment and the beautifully crafted details of the surroundings are a treat for the Far Cry lovers.

The trailer of the game gives a feeler of the new story line. The characters will be customizable and will have to build their resistance while fighting away from the normal world in the mountains, forests and rivers of Montana. The vehicles available for play include big rigs, planes, cars, boats, and American muscle cars.

Far Cry 5 trailer is viewable on the Youtube and has all the details that everyone has been looking forward to. The game will be available on Xbox One, PC and Play Station 4. UbiSoft has also confirmed that Far Cry 5 will be co-op throughout, and players will be able to explore the Hope County in together with your family and friends. So till you get a chance to indulge in the fresh adventures, keep preparing your nerves through the year so you can be in the right mind frame of mind in 2018 as Far Cry 5 makes it way to the market.