Mark Roddy is the one behind MindMyths, which is a new mental health tech company that combines VR gaming technology with traditional meditation in order to help people manage stress and anxiety.

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Roddy explains that the idea is that you make your own wellbeing space and when you put the headset on, you are immersed in a landscape of wonderful natural beauty.

The location may also have links to ancient mythical, sacred, or healing spaces. For example, Lough Gill, home to the Lake Isle of Innisfree immortalised in Yeats’s poem. The backdrops are very tranquil and help create the right environment in which to acquire the systematic techniques required for managing stress effectively.

Before setting up MindMyths in back in 2014, Roddy worked for 14 years for telecommunications company Lake. He was engaged in research into next-generation tech. While working on a project around IoT he started to see great possibilities in the VR space.