Users are loving low-light and EIS capabilities of the pixel camera

Google’s Pixel is emerging as a game changer in the world of smartphones. Yes, believe it or not, here is a phone which is really no less than a professional camera. Even some the professionals think so! After perking up the DxO Mark rating, the device delivered without doubt. We have witnessed it a number of times now. The results are outstanding. Particularly, professionals who are using this Pixel camera are highly impressed by what this smartphone helps them to achieve.

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Here are couples of videos that help us have a better idea of what wonderful results the Pixel camera is capable of giving us. Here we get to see how the camera works in low light shooting and its Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). We get to see that both videos highlight these features in a great way.

Low lighting shoot by Pixel

The first video “Cars & Tech by JDM City” (YouTube) shows the hand of a professional team behind the camera, assisted by a slider and a tripod at times. While you do see this basic gear, it’s the Pixel which is doing it all. The entire clip is shot at dusk, and demonstrates well how the handset handles sub-optimal light sites which are not directly out dark as night. We can see stunning results which is indeed too good for any smartphone Pixel camera. There is a little digital noise in the start but other than that the video is fabulous.

Clip demonstrating Pixel’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

The other video very simple compared to the first one. Shot by Rob Riscoe sitting atop a tractor, it is a 4 mins clip. The overall result is out of this world as you can see. Looking at how unceasingly the driver in front of the person taking the video wobbles as a result of the movement of the tractor, we can see how much work the EIS’ algorithm does to even out the final thing.

Pixel’ camera makes it an ideal smartphone for photography enthusiasts

That who love taking photographs and need a perfect photo camera, the Pixel is the answer. This magnificent Google smartphone has a camera that is definitely like no other. In fact, its camera alone can serve as its bestselling point.