The initial Android Nougat ROMs: Accessible for Moto G’s 1st and 3rd generation

Since its release in the last month, ROMs based on Android Nougat have been seen with a plenty of devices over XDA. A couple of options for devices are observed, including the OnePlus, Nexus 4, OnePlus One, OnePlus 3 and even more. The great talent loaded people have advanced with early Nougat-based ROMs for two distinctive generations of Motorola’s high-selling Moto G.

Moto G

The unofficial CyanogenMod 14 ROM:

The unofficial CyanogenMod 14 ROM, i.e. for the 2013 Moto G, bearing the Codename “falcon”, has been lately in alpha status, depicting the fact that it is not a daily driver material. The mobile data and SMS both are in working. So is the case with the GPS, vibration, sound, compass and also includes the installation of the apps from the Google Play.

Moto G CyanogenMod

The Multi-SIM functionality is not applicable. However, for most of the part, it is a working ROM that is useable; plus, one needs not to worry if one runs across any bugs. To check it for yourself, move over to the genuine XDA thread for the download links and the displayed instructions.

In case you possess a newer Moto G, in particular the 3rd generation from 2015, then the availability of Nougat ROM is also true. This ROM is based on AOSP instead of CyanogenMod 14. This does not reflect lesser feature, but much better, cleaner and closer to stock experience. With this, a reboot option is added by the developer i.e. apparently ported from Sony along with a Night Mode in addition to the navigation bar customizer, by default.


To add more, the ROM is fairly stable in concoction to the functioning core features: i.e. 

• Phone calls
• Data
• WiFi
• Bluetooth
• The camera

However, the camcorder and HDR mode are not functioning as identified by the developer plus to remind, it does not work on dual-SIM devices.