Tango team that part of Google’s VR division now

Tango is expected to play a big role Google’s future goals and products considering the immense potential for augmented reality. That’s why the Tango team is now a part of Google’s larger VR division.

“From an organizational standpoint, Tango and Daydream work together” expressed Johnny Lee, Tango’s director of engineering. The Daydream headset and compatible phones which will be shipping next week are the very first products that are coming from this division which was established in the back in the beginning of 2016.

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Tango gives apps the power to visualize and measure stuff in the real world

Tango gives mobile devices the power to see where they are placed in the world. As experienced with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, it enables apps to visualize and measure stuff in the real world. Togeterh with VR this may enable accurate roomscale tracking without any requirement of outside sensors. According to reports, Google is continuing to develop a standalone VR headset which is free from the need of a phone. With regard to quality, it is between Daydream and Oculus/Vive. The headset has eye tracking feature and Tango-like facility to map out the real-world space in front of you.

Augmented and mixed reality is real goal

Though Google is working on its system of content and Daydream, but remember augmented and mixed reality is real goal of VR division. Tango team integration is just the very first step towards it. Let us wait and see what else we get from Google in future.