Super Mario Run will be Updated for Android and iOS

Early this year, Nintendo announced that it will be bringing Super Mario Run to Android in March and it has fulfilled its promise this month. In December 2017, Nintendo launched the game for mobile but just for iPhone. So far, it has been downloaded 78 million times. In addition, an update was released as well together with the Android release. The iPhone update will add some new playable characters to the Super Mario Run. Android users were treated to the 2.0.0 version upon release just recently.

Super Mario Run is now available for android users and they can download it from the Google Play Store. But is it as good to play as it was on iOS? Super Mario Run is actually the first game that Nintendo made for smart phones. To be honest, it appears to be a compromised version of the original classic. Nintendo has tweaked its formula in order to help people play comfortably on a touchscreen using held in one hand. It is not something new as Nintendo is used to portable gaming. Still, the firm had to look for creative ways to adapt. And the game is little different.

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Super Mario Run may appear to be a regular side-scrolling game, but it’s an automatic runner in reality which is like Temple Run if you are familiar with that game. Mario is running continuously on the right side of the screen and all you can do is to control his jumps. You do get to enjoy variations such as tapping the screen for a quick jump and pressing the finger down for a longer jump. It gives a great touch to the game and so with a combination of taps and presses your hero can do wall jumps, catapult himself over foes, flutter through the air etc. 

Physical features can change his behavior like blocks that stop Mario from his endless run, or other blocks that make him do backwards aerials. That gives room for exploration and creativity for a game which is controlled by one thumb. 

An extraordinary twist with the new Mario idea is the verticality of play. Earlier Mario games had more levels building upwards for the character to zig-zag across the screen but in this game you hold your phone in portrait style that enables you to play one-handed. 

So the game feels like climbing a tower instead of skipping across the long, open spaces of classic Mario games. The stages with the haunted house are great addition as these have maze-like structures that allow you to move up and down and up again to look for the exit.

Source: Nintendo Unity