Super Mario Run Review

The first "Super Mario Run" mobile game that hit the iPhone and iPad has finally arrived on Android. After a long wait spanning 99 days, it is time for android users to discover this fantastic game that comes from Nintendo.

Super Mario Run looks like classic 2D Mario. The game play is also similar to what you might have played as a kid. But remember that it is not a Mario game about pixel-perfect jumps and deep challenge. Your favorite Mario does moves from left to right, and he comes across various enemies as well as obstacles but you don't control the speed or direction of his movement. Mario, in fact, automatically runs from left to right and you just need to tab on the screen to play the game. He jumps a little higher if you hold after tapping. It does not involve any swiping, virtual d-pad on-screen, or Bluetooth gamepads connected to your device. 

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You just need to stay focused with stomping on enemies instead of worrying about moving Mario forward. And you also have to concentrate on timing of course in order to just at the right moment. But it does not mean that "Super Mario Run" is a piece of cake. While it is somewhat easier than your average Mario game, you will come to resolve tons of challenges. If you have had chance to play "Super Mario" games, you're hardly ever going to find yourself unable to complete a level in "Super Mario Run" just because of enemy location or the challenging design of levels. 

The game's "pink coins" mechanic involves much of the challenge in "Super Mario Run". You need to collect all 5 pink coins strewn across a level and the level moves them to 5 new, little harder to find places. Collect those, and the 5 pink coins become 5 bronze coins hidden in question mark boxes, down pits, and in the clouds. 

Another layer of repeat value to the game's somewhat scanty offering of 24 levels is the knack to play as a number of other Mario characters.  You start "Super Mario Run" as Mario, but you also find his friends that you can chose to play. So you can pick a character of your choice to continue the adventure. Remember Princess Peach and Yoshi? There are as many as 6 Super Mario characters to choose from.  As each characters plays little differently you can check what they are good about and then make a choice as well. For example, Luigi jumps higher while Princess Peach floats in mid-air.

There are 2 modes that are different from the classic Mario gameplay of "World Tour" mode: "Toad Rally" and "Kingdom Builder." In the former, you race against other players in order to collect the maximum coins and stomp the enemies. If you play better than your opponent, you're rewarded with new followers and the more followers you get, the higher your level is. It is important as it determines the size of your buildable land in the "Kingdom Builder" mode. Those of you who are familiar with "Clash of Clans" or "Game of War" will have a fair idea about this mode. You build stuff with the help of coins earned in the "World Tour" mode. That includes decorations to houses for different Toads.  

Both Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder are ancillary modes to the basic ingredients of World Tour mode. Gamers are lured by "Super Mario Run" as they wish to play classic Mario gameplay, and they will find it in the form of World Tour mode.  

Kingdom Builder enables you to see the progress you're making in the game beyond completing levels only while Toad Rally gives you a chance to put your playing skills to the test against opponents. While they are not amazing on their own but they are fairly good as they accent the classic Mario gameplay of World Tour. 

It is worth spending $10 on buying the game for sure. As there are no microtransactions, $10 is an "all-in" price and for that price you get a great entertaining and fun game. While "Super Mario Run" isn't going to make top five list of all-time Mario games, it's will surely make fans happy and lure more fans as well.