Super Mario Run Android is here!

The much needed Super Mario Run has finally hit Android. It arrived on the Google Play Store on 23rd March together with an update on iOS. The iOS exclusive ran for 3 months, getting more than 78 million downloads. Of those users, over 5% purchased the game that brought in $53 million in revenue for the game. That sum is pretty high considering the $10 purchase price in order to unlock the full version. Interestingly, it did better than analysts expected given its top dollar price point. Various titles that just charge a dollar or two for in-game items convert less than 5% of their gamers. However, according to Chief Executive Tatsumi Kimishima, the company had expected for conversions in the double digits. 

On Android, it’s is worth nothing that Nintendo didn’t try to change Super Mario Run’s revenue model. It’s still a free download that calls for one time in-app purchase of $10 to unlock the levels beyond 1-4. But, the part that is worth noticing of the update to version 2.0 on iOS is that the company has made more of the game free to play, as per the description of the App Store. If users complete one of Bowser’s challenges, it is possible to unlock the previously locked course 1-4. Additionally, if gamers clear the courses 1-4, they get more courses to play in Toad Rally.

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Version 2.0 was released at the same time to the Apple App Store when it made its way to  Android. In addition, the update brings new playable characters as well that includes Yoshi of different colors. You can play Toad Rally with a Yoshi of a specific shade in order to get more Toads of that hue also. Super Mario Run is adding new buildings too that would make it easier to get Rally Tickets in the Bonus Game House, and attuned the ease of play in some aspects in addition to other minor changes. 

It will be interesting to see how Super Mario Run’s Android release marks Nintendo’s revenues particularly considering that iOS users are inclined to spend more money on games and in-app purchases compared to Android users.

When it launched there was pent-up demand for Super Mario on mobile - what allowed the app to make its way to the top of the App Store following its release, grossing 5 million downloads on its first day live. That market demand has been at least somewhat gratified now, and various gamers found they completed Mario within days.

But Mario has again gotten a slight pop on iOS with the update. It is now the #9 free overall app on the App Store today up from #49 over the weekend. 

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