Spotify is available for the Samsung Gear S3/S2

Without doubt Samsung’s Tizen wearables are wonderful devices. However, there is a downside of the Gear S2 as well as the Gear S3 and that is the lack of app support. Now Tizen’s app store grows with the much awaited addition of Spotify.

The official app of Spotify for Tizen makes the most of the round display on the Samsung Gear S2/S3 wearables in addition to the rotating bezel for navigation. Users can browse their complete  Spotify library via the app including charts, playlists, new releases as well as entire searches for new music. They can take advantage of 2 modes: “remote” and “stream.” Remote mode combines into the regular Spotify app on Android device and gives you the power to control playback via that device while Stream mode directs audio through the watch, with the included speaker or via a connected Bluetooth audio device. You need to sign in on the watch with the rather solid T9 keyboard.

You can adjust all from shuffle mode and volume while audio is playing in stream mode.  Playback controls work onscreen, but you can use the rotating bezel to go back and forth as well while you continue listening to the audio. But sadly, you cannot downloaded music to the watch for offline playback. It means you must have wifi or LTE for playback via the watch.

Spotify for the Gear S3 is now out through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store by means of the Gear Manager app. Whoever has a Gear S3 can benefit from the app.

Source: Android Authority