Some Pixel phones are having freezing issues

While the Google Pixel phone is worth praising for its smooth and easy user experience since its launch, it seems that this is not something that is being enjoyed by all users

According to some Pixel users the phone is having issues such as random freezes, which is making the device entirely unusable from a few seconds to a few minutes. This problem is occurring in almost all Google Pixel variants and across a number of situations. Some users have installed just few apps other the one that are pre-installed, while others say they’ve marked out the issue to particular apps. Whatever the case might be, it looks like that the problem is not limited to certain app as the software navigation buttons are bugging out for several users.

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While we don’t really know what is the reason behind it all, some users in the Google Product Forums thread believe that it’s the Life360 “Family Locator – GPS Tracker” app that is the real culprit. Uninstalling the app helped get over the problems for some while others have reported that restoring their phone to factory defaults and just using Google’s default apps helps to remain safe from this issue. 

The Google Pixel isn’t to blame if users are making use of apps that may not be updated properly to be attuned with the latest version of Android. However, a number of people that are facing this problem haven’t installed any of the apps that Pixel users are saying are leading to the issue. 

Google is aware of the problem now and a number of users are reporting that Google was willing to replace their phones entirely. It is notable that not all Google Pixel phone users are facing this problem. If you are one of those who are experiencing this problem with their handset feel free to contact Google Support.