Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will be available in two sizes

We continue to get new leaks for Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Now we have got to know that the device will come in two sizes. It is likely that the phone will abide by its two predecessors, but unlike them, there will be no ‘flat’ member after all. The company is going all in showing off its design dexterity, and presenting two sized S8s with dual-edge panels.

While the display’s measurement is still indefinably referred to as “between 5 and 6 inches“, it will cover nearly the whole of their individual fronts. Samsung apparently won’t even have sufficient space to put its logo on them. The leaked front panel is a nice representation of what the Galaxy S8 will appear to be.

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The top area will have the front camera and some sensors, most notably an iris scanner. The bottom part will be so tiny that Samsung is doing away with its fingerprint reader-harboring home button, which is being moved to the rear. Some types of software keys will substitute the capacitive navigation buttons.

The main camera will reportedly be only an upgrade over the Galaxy S7’s rear shooter, focusing on speed, image quality as well low-light performance. The dual-pixel technology will also be there and a Google Goggles-like image recognition system will be in the app too.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will use USB-C for charging and syncing as well. The Snapdragon 835 is sure for now as the SoC of choice. 64GB will be the onboard storage size, and SD card support option is there too, up to an extra 256GB. The headphone jack appears to be there as well.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone is indeed aiming high. One of the ways it is trying to go a step ahead of the smartphone experience is by means of various accessories and peripherals such as a new Gear VR headset built with USB-C support and the new device in mind. But that is not all.

According to couple of sources, a new dock and service that turns the S8 into an Android desktop computer, connecting to a monitor, keyboard and other peripherals called DeX (desktop extension) will be there.

It sounds great of course. As it comes to more than a single source, it is expected to be quite true. Now we just have to wait and see what Samsung has in hold for us in the form of its upcoming Galaxy S8.