Samsung Pay works on all any Android device together with the Gear S3

A little time back we came to know that Samsung was going to make Samsung Pay accessible for all Android devices paired with a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. Now, the company has come up with an update live to permit that feature through the Gear Manager app on Android.

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This server side update adds a Samsung Pay section to the app, enabling users to set up cards via the app as they would on a Samsung smartphone using the identical service. What is different is that than running payments via the phone, Samsung Pay will work through the paired Samsung Gear S3 Classic or Gear S3 Frontier exclusively.

We have also come to know that is confirmed that Samsung Pay will work via NFC and using MST via this process. So you can use the service both at sites with an exceptional NFC terminal in addition to any location using a standard card reader.

In this video we can see the setup process for Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 performed on an LG V20. But according to some users, this may not work for all phones for now. The Pixel doesn’t support this as per a response from Samsung. However, the reason is not known. We hope that this problem will be solved shortly.