Samsung is to launch wireless earbuds

There has been much buzz around the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung next flagship. We have got to know that the device will ditch hardware navigation keys, in addition to packing a big display on one variant. The company is ready to push wireless audio to the next level with the launch of a new pair of wireless earbuds.

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Wireless earbuds are not something new for Samsung considering it released the Gear IconX this year as one of its debut wireless earbud products. But it wasn’t all that exciting when in the hands of users. According to a new report, Samsung is preparing to launch a new set of earbuds together with the Galaxy S8 which sounds exciting for sure.

We don’t really know how these new earbuds will be different from the Gear IconX. However, Samsung, as it seems, will be looking at a simpler approach for these devices. While the IconX were loaded with features, these new earbuds would possibly focus on audio quality and enhancing battery life.

It’s no chance that Samsung is launching wireless earbuds together with its flagship. Apple took the same approach with the iPhone 7 and a little delayed AirPods. AirPods work with Android devices, the release by Samsung may be a great choice for those who wish to stick with something meant especially for Android devices. It is not clear whether these earbuds will ship with the S8 or if they will be available after the fact. When Samsung officially releases the S8 in April we will certainly get to know it all.